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Metal Gates

Here at PJ and Sons we supply, fit and manufacture all different types of bespoke metal gates for both residential and commercial customers.

We do not stock any pre-made metal gates and all of our gates are made from solid steel bars welded together. Depending on where you would like your metal gates installed, will also depend on many different factors.

If you were to choose to have your gate installed in an alleyway then you may want it attached to the walls, unless one side is not suitable. If that’s the case we will then fit a solid steel post to fix or lock your gate too.

When choosing your security metal gate, you can choose which colour you would like to have it. You may choose to have your gate in white because your front door is white. Maybe you would prefer it in black so it stands out from the colour of your door and potential intruders can see this as a clear visual deterrent.

Whichever colour you choose and for whatever reason, it’s no problem for us to powder coat your metal gate in the colour of your choice. If you are unsure of which colours are available, let us know and we will provide you with RAL colour chart.

More About Metal Gates

Once you have decided on the colour of your metal security gate, we can then start to focus on the design of your gate. The most common, simple but effective designs are to have the gate made from solid box sections of bars, solid round sections of bars or a combination of both. If you would like something a little more decorative and have a design in mind, feel free to send us a picture or a drawing and we will be happy to try and replicate the same design for you. We find that a lot of our customer’s like to have the same design as their neighbours.

Depending on where you want your metal gate fitted, it will also determine on the type of lock or locks you want fitted to your security gate. If it’s a simple garden gate for example, you may only want a latch fitted, but if it’s a communal alleyway you’re having the gate fitted, then you may choose to have a coded lock. We can fit many different types of locks to your gates depending on your particular needs. For a bar grille door which is fitted to the main entry point of your home and is a high security gate, we always recommend having one or two British standard approved mortise locks fitted.

When designing your metal gate we can also design it around your front door furnishings or add extra features to your gate. For example if your front door has a door knocker, a letter box or a spy hole. We will design the gate around these features so they can still be used without any disruptions by the gate we have made for you. If your gate is to be installed around the perimeter of your property which then stops people from getting close to your front door, they will not be able to use your letter box or door bell. If this is the case we can build a letterbox into your security gate and fit a doorbell too.

No matter what your needs and requirements are, our professionally trained engineers and fabricators are here to help you design a metal security gate that suits your every need. Call us now for any free advice or information on metal gates or anything else we may be able to help you with. Alternatively if you would like a free no obligations quote. All we need is some rough measurements of the area you would like your metal gate, if possible some photos of the area, your post code and your email address. We will then get back to you within 24-48 hours with a written quote.

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